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Custom Channels
Custom channels can be used to help you track which ad colours, format and placements are most effective on your site, or to provide answers to questions like:
Which ad units are the highest earners on my home page?
(e.g. Leaderboard at the top of the page, rectangle in the middle of an article etc.)
Do my ads perform better with or without a border?
(Tip: ads generally perform better without borders)
To get the most out of custom channels, it's best to track every ad unit. This way you'll have a core set of reports that you can use to aggregate data from all of your ad units, or to combine in different variations to gain deeper insight into your site's AdSense performance and to answer the kinds of questions listed at the top of this section. To learn how to set up custom channels please click here.
Ad Filtering
Within Google AdSense, you have the ability to block ads from specific ad categories by using the category filtering feature. This feature is currently available for ads in a limited set of languages, regardless of the language of the site. You can also use ‘Category filtering’ to block ads in certain sensitive categories from appearing on your site. We’ve listed a couple of examples of categories that you can block out, but for the full list click here. Categories that can be blocked include:
Cosmetic procedures and surgery
Drugs and supplements
Get rich quick
Weight loss
Performance Reports
Detailed reports can help you identify opportunities and Google AdSense allows you to view reports for a specific day or date range, on an aggregate level or broken down into your defined channels. In your AdSense account, on the Performance reports tab, the "Columns" button allows you to customise your report to view earnings by page views, ad requests, matched requests and individual ad impressions. Selecting one of these options will change the columns and data shown in the table and graph.


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